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Social media exercise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Online life work out - Essay Example On the landing page there are joins which read to different pages. For instance, subsequent to looking under the name Microsoft Company, the landing page contains different connections on surveys, meetings and advantages (â€Å"Glassdoor†). A tick on them guides to each other page with more subtleties on worker audits. From a portion of these audits, it is clear that the representatives have worked for long at the organization and still appreciate working there. The positive surveys are numerous than the negative audits and a gander at the negative surveys shows that the organization is as yet a perfect organization to work for and land the best position benefits. Under procedural equity, the individual observation is that the result allotment choices are reasonable (Rawls 74). The two representative audit models I saw on procedural equity was the place one of the workers noticed that the compensation is 100% dependent on execution, not on legislative issues or different elements that other organization use to pay workers (â€Å"Glassdoor†). There is another survey where the worker says that the organization thinks about its representatives. There were likewise a few conversations on distributive equity. In distributive equity, differing representatives get reasonable allotment of assets (Rawls 242). One of these surveys is the place the worker says that at Microsoft there are differing representatives and all have equivalent odds of moving across groups, geologies and controls. The other audit says that it is a huge company with a various gathering and gives appealing wellbeing and clinical protection covers (â€Å"Glassdoor†). There numerous results related with decency and injustice. All the results, regardless of whether related with shamefulness or decency for the most part affect the subject of conversation or an association. In the surveys I read on Microsoft Company, the results from the organization are to a great extent connected with singular impression of decency. For instance, most audits state that the organization

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Plastic Lumber & Wood-Plastic Composite Market

The assortment of ‘Construction Material' statistical surveying reports has another expansion of â€Å"Wood-plastic Composite and Plastic Lumber to 2018† on Aromatherapies. Com. US request to Jump more than% every year US interest for wood-plastic composite and plastic timber Is required to Increase four billion pounds of plastic. A bounce back In new lodging fulfillments from the low 2013 level and gains In private Improvement and fix uses will produce Increases popular. Request additions will likewise be supported by Increased market entrance In decking applications, the dominating use for composite and plastic lumber.Decking to stay key application Decking applications will represent more than two-fifths of composite and plastic wood request by 2018. Mortgage holders will progressively pick decks produced using elective timber since it has more prominent protection from debasement by dampness, changes in stickiness, creepy crawly assault, and time, and in light of the fact that it requires negligible upkeep over its long assistance life. Continuous changes to assembling advances that will improve the shading blur obstruction and the similarity to normal wood, especially costly hardwoods, for example, channel and redwood, will additionally support composite and plastic decking demand.Further additions will result from endeavors by makers to expand the extent of decking frill advertised. Among different applications, embellishment and trim applications are additionally expected to progress at a solid pace through 2018. Wood-plastic composite and plastic timber use in embellishment and trim will profit by reestablished lodging movement and execution attributes †, for example, protection from dampness and simplicity of molding † that are better than those of timber and built wood. Solicitation Sample duplicate of this report @ http://www. Aromatherapies. Mother/contacts/demand test? Rename=184223 . Wood-plastic composite timber to outpac e plastic Increases In generally speaking development really will bolster request gains for the two sorts of elective timber through 2018, however wood-plastic composite interest will ascend at a speedier pace than interest for plastic timber, though from a littler base. As almost 66% of composite and plastic timber request Is produced by the private market, extension in that market will help composite wood request. In enormous, progressively wanted to plastic lumber.Several components will bolster its fast development. For example, composite timber incorporates celluloses filaments and is better ready to gather the look and surface of customary wood, an engaging quality to buyers searching for appealing however low support decks. Besides, in light of the fact that composite timber much of the time is fabricated utilizing reused materials † including consumable plastic, for example, basic food item sacks and stretch film, and wood scraps from factories and other timber activit ies † it is regularly showcased as a naturally inviting structure material.Company Profiles for US industry contenders, for example, Axial, CAP International, Fiber, Headwaters and Tree Read more on â€Å"Wood-plastic Composite and Plastic Lumber to 2018†³report underneath. Extra Information This investigation inspects the US showcase for two kinds of materials filling in as options in contrast to wood in development: composites of cellulose fiber and plastic † alluded to in the examination as â€Å"wood-plastic composite lumber† or â€Å"composites† † and plastic pitches † alluded to as â€Å"plastic amble. The two materials are produced utilizing methods † essentially expulsion yet in addition infusion shaping † normal to the plastics business. Applications for these materials canvassed in this investigation incorporate decking, embellishment and trim, fencing, finishing and outside items, windows, entryways, and grouped app lications, for example, spa cupboards, marine decks, and railroad ties.This study doesn't address applications for plastic timber in which plastics (fundamentally vinyl) are not in rivalry with wood or in which they have just accomplished considerable piece of the overall industry. Applications falling under these classes incorporate plastic siding, expelled plastic windows and entryways, plastic play area hardware not rivaling customary timber, vinyl yard furniture, and vinyl flooring. Cellulose-sap items, for example, pressed wood, starboard, and arranged strand board, are additionally prohibited from interest contemplations for composite timber.

Information System Service Design Space

Question: Examine about the Report for Information System of Service Design Space. Answer: Presentation In the course of recent decades, the unstable development in the data and correspondence innovations has gotten successful changes the business the executives. It has changed the method of business correspondence and the board technique. The expense of the correspondence and dissemination channels has been decreased by actualizing such data and correspondence advances (Pantano 2014). Additionally, Zara, the universal style retail organization has been attempting to extend the business to upgrade the quantity of retail locations in America and Asia ( 2016). The business extension through the e-business execution has set the better expectations of the board tasks. The examination depends on such execution strategy and the importance of e-business. The use of the expanded methods will be talked about likewise. The web based business is as of now considered as the premise of the globalized organizations. The foundation of the electronic advanced obstruction has been contributing the productivity to the operational exercises. The electronic signals in the virtual spaces are the most helpful method of correspondence with the inward and outer universe of business. The administrators of the organization can interface with the board individuals effectively before embraced any pertinent choice. Brogi et al. (2013) opined that it is important to give the workers appropriate preparing with respect to the utilization of such data and correspondence advancements. It is useful enough in expanding the information on the chiefs just as the workers. It is to be expressed that the web internet business framework has been rethinking the worth chains of the ventures and making the dynamic serious condition. Cagliano et al. (2014) called attention to that the web internet business has supplanted the middle p eople. In this manner, the administrators can without much of a stretch speak with the business partners and guarantee their requirements. In any case, the senior administrators face a few potential difficulties in organizing the worldwide economies. It has been seen that, the financial foundation could confront the progressions because of the improvement of the advanced promoting (Soto-Acosta, Popa and Palacios-Marqus 2015). In this manner, it is fundamental for the administration of the business to adapt to such changes by receiving various techniques. Online business has been giving various chances to the business the board in this present period. All the while, the administration administrators are likewise abusing such chances to acquire the spontaneous creation the operational administration process. E-business is presenting the financially savvy showcasing method. Garca-lvarez (2015) showed that e-business permits the administration to use more than one advertising strategies. It incorporates online networking organizing, email advertising, e-pamphlet, advertisement article showcasing system. It even gives the adaptable business hours to the related workers. The administration has discovered that e-business is disposing of boundaries identified with the business areas. The accessibility of the 24*7 hours web offices are creating the business benefits in a noteworthy way. The online business is in any event, diminishing the expense per exchange. Truth be told, it doesn't require the labor to finish the business exercises (Crand all, Crandall and Chen 2014). Aside from these offices, the administration has investigated numerous different chances. Zara has been focusing on growing the business in America and Asian nations. In some cases, the land boundaries become the test for selling the items. The usage of the e-business has disposed of such impediments. On the off chance that the web association is accessible, the business can sell the items whenever anyplace. Indeed, there are the chances to lessen the expenses of numerous portions. The e-business offices chop down the charges of the physical areas (Vu 2013). The clients can put in their requests through online sources. Thus, the organization would not require a specific salesman. The quick online exchange is in any event, lessening the boundaries identified with the installment. Another most conspicuous chance of building up e-business is the clients can share their encounters through the online pages. In such cases, the administration doesn't require to mastermind the limited time o ccasions to get the inputs. The administration can even associate with the inside officials through the computerized correspondence framework. Plan, advancement, and usage of e-business The execution of the web based business isn't a simpler procedure. The plan needs to keep up the best possible structure at the underlying stage. The senior administration needs to assume the liability while organizing the plan of the framework (Ross 2016). Zara has the solid notoriety in all over UK. Nonetheless, the organization requires growing the business in America and Asia. In investigating the administrative viewpoints, it is required to structure the internet business destinations with a certain goal in mind. While planning the e-business destinations, the senior administration needs to assume the liability. It is required to have a specific vision, which is significant for advising others about the prerequisite. In considering the initial step for planning the internet business, the administration needs to construct the structure group. It is to be noticed that the improvement of the e-business includes the issues, which are should have been tended to deliberately. Different angles are related with the structure and improvement procedure of e-business. For example, authority, deconstruction, cross utilitarian coordination, reproduction, assets, and organization are should have been thought of (Weske 2012). Design: The items related with back office and the requesting frameworks are should have been given in a safe manner. This data ought to be on request to approved telephones. Stages: The ERP items and existing modules are spoken with the assistance of GPRS framework. Framework: The web is the foundation of such e-business. The small scale PC facilitating SAP and open portable systems are likewise helpful for detailing the foundation. In considering the usage procedure of the e-business, it is imperative to concentrate on the initial two sections of the design field. The acknowledgment of the framework and the stages is important before assessing any usage choice. In any case, it is seen that the components related with the framework and stage are advanced with a few unmistakable dangers (Alter 2013). The relationship of the advancements is continually testing during the usage procedure. The fumble of any of these advancements can hamper the whole framework. In such cases, the supervisor needs to coordinate distinctive hierarchical capacities for undertaking the e-business activities. The e-field-tested strategy incorporates the interior and outside assets. These assets are abilities, money, information, authority, capacities, innovation, the executives, and time (Crandall, Crandall and Chen 2014). Nonetheless, the execution procedure incorporates some arrangement of decisions. These are as per the following: 1) Customer Blueprint: This diagram indicates the significant needs and necessities of the clients. In like manner, the related dangers and the issues can likewise be distinguished. 2) Development Blueprint: The advancement outline helps in planning the applicable structure for the tasks of the endeavor. It helps in understanding the best possible consecutive procedure of the activities (Hamar, et al. 2015). This outline recommends the use of the best possible techniques and the cooperation with the senior administration. 3) Integration Blueprint: This is the way toward evaluating portfolio that is organized for the dynamic ventures. Obligations of Managers It is to be demonstrated that the organized structuring f the e-business has carried accomplishment to Zara in the business development venture. Breaà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ Sols, Casadesusà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ Masanell and Grifellà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ Tatj (2015) referenced that the auxiliary plan and execution of the vital e-business is the way to ad lib and change the upper hand. Be that as it may, the structure and the execution procedure now and then make the dangerous circumstances for the directors. The supervisors need to address a few contemplations before actualizing the e-business systems. 1) Before executing the arrangement, the chiefs need to guarantee that the plans incorporate the adaptable diagrams. As far as obliging the progressions to the business condition and innovative turn of events, the unbending procedures are should have been dispensed with (Landaeta Olivo et al. 2016). 2) The chiefs need to focus on controlling and overseeing dangers. These dangers are typically connected with the innovation based highlights, monetary turn of events, operational execution, and the security issues. 3) It is a lot of essential to choose a pioneer who can help in stretching out the more extensive system to determine more assets in period of scarcity. 4) The supervisors need to guarantee the adequate assets are accessible during the correct period of scarcity. 5) It is required to manufacture interoperability over the useful territories, which as a rule make the critical incentive for the business purposes (Serra and Kunc 2015). Aside from this, making the new qualities is additionally fundamental. 6) The work ought to be founded on the best possible activity job, which is resolved according to the fulfillment level of the business goals. 7) Each of the business forms including the details and different sections are should have been refreshed appropriately (Tahir, Waggett and Hoffman 2013). 8) The expert re-appropriating the board rehearses are required to build up the tasks that are led by the outsider. This arrangement of duties of the directors here and there can be an excess of trying for the related supervisors. Notwithstanding, the execution of such dev

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Love Stories

What is the one feeling that has begun the same number of wars as it has finished? What feeling has had more plays, tunes, and stories expounded on it than all else? Love is that one feeling that makes adversaries into companions and companions into foes. There are such huge numbers of legends encompass this feeling, from the goddess Athena and Helen of Troy to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The reason for this paper is to see the extraordinary sentiment of affection however the legends and fantasies. To follow some moment albeit exceptionally significant for sweethearts examples of affection. Shockingly, a considerable lot of adoration fantasies end disastrously, except for a not many which have cheerful endings. For instance, the narratives of Pyramus and Thisbe, and Orpheus and Eurydice both have appalling endings. Then again, the narrative of Eros and Psyche can have either a deplorable or an upbeat consummation, contingent upon the rendition that is told. Upon closer thought of the legend about Pyramus and Thisbe we discover that their adoration was carefully taboo, in any case, this two cherishing hearts were indistinguishable. They used to talk furtively to one another through a limited break in a typical divider that their homes shared. They would meet in various odd places just to be as one for some time. For instance they would meet almost a tomb on the edges of the city close to a mulberry tree or in an open field just to banter uninhibitedly. Examining this legend we may draw a corresponding with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, for the consummation is a comparative one. The two of them pass on every so often without considering and examining a basic circumstance. â€Å"The dark red product of the mulberry is the everlasting commemoration of these genuine darlings and one urn holds the remains of the two whom not even demise could part† (Hamilton, Edith, 138). Inside this story love comes to fruition of an enthusiastic however visually impaired and crude inclination. Here adoration is a sort of an overwhelming ailment that two youthful hearts can't comprehend with their psyche, subsequently it went to be a deadly one. Another legend I might want to concentrate on is a tale about Pygmalion and Galatea. This story is the most sentimental and energizing simultaneously. The topic of affection is driving all through the story. This affection is bizarre and wonderful, for it was tended to not to individual however to sculpture, that was significantly more than an individual for its maker, it was the more immaculate than any living lady. Love is lit up through each expression of the story. Pygmalion stroked it, and gave it presents, for example, little youngsters love; this was a declaration of his adoration. We may assume that this affection is by one way or another a fixation, for at long Pygmalion’s love made his cherished wake up. â€Å"The lady felt the kisses, become flushed and, lifting her hesitant eyes up to the light, saw the sky and her darling at the equivalent time† (Hamilton, Edith, 142). Searching for a delicate and durable love we may go to the tale about Baucis and Philemon whose affection made due through the entire their life and toward the end offered them bliss of being as one till final gasp. Understood that their lives were at their first light they grasped one another and Baucis was transformed into a linden tree and Philemon into an oak. Two distinctive however excellent trees interweaved with each other represented their genuine romance. In wonder, individuals originated from a far distance to respect and hang wreathes on the branches in their respect. Likewise, we may find out about the eagerness a caring heart experience. The splendid model thereof we find in the narrative of Orpheus and Eurydice. Orpheus’s love was solid to such an extent that caused him to beat obstructions and spare Eurydice from underground. Regardless of God’s disallowance, Orpheus’ anxiety to see cherished lady before they step from underground separate them for eternity. Thus, we arrive at a determination that a heart that adores haphazardly is levelheaded. Love is constantly over any sensible considerations and rationale. In this manner, we may continue interminably the rundown of affection designs inside various fantasies and legend. The subject of adoration was constantly a focal one, accordingly it didn't ignore crafted by old Greek abilities of humankind, for example, Ovid for instance. His fantasies and legends will unsettle ages after us. Our replacements likewise will weep for a terrible love or cheer at glad closure. Reference index: 1.â â â â â Hamilton, Edith. Folklore. New York: Little, Brown and Company, 1998, 1942.  Â

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Essay Topics For College Students

Essay Topics For College StudentsStudents can use essay topics for college students to use as reference when writing their papers. It is a good idea to use essay topics for college students in your course if you want your students to come up with original ideas that will be of interest to their class. The topic for their essay should not only be interesting, but they should also use a short passage to make their point.Your students are likely to gain extra insight by reading the essay topics for college students. If you take the time to write the essay topic for college students, you can determine what the school expects. You can also see how much time you have for topics for college students.You should use essay topics for college students to get ideas from. The idea is to make your essay as interesting as possible so your students will want to read it again. By using essay topics for college students, you can help them by giving them ideas to base their papers on.You can also creat e the essay topics for college students to help them learn. They may need to review the idea they learned from the essay topics for college students to figure out the best way to apply the information they learned. Once they do this, they will be able to turn their ideas into a better essay.In addition, they will be able to write about the subject in the right way because they will know what to expect. You can let them know about topics for college students. Then, you can give them additional information to help them write the paper.You can help your students by using essay topics for college students by providing them with supplementary material. If you have them give a few examples of situations that might occur when you read the essay topics for college students, they will be able to explore those same issues in their own life. This will help them make an interesting essay.You should consider essay topics for college students. By doing this, you can help them become better writer s and readers. You can see what kind of life experiences will make them the best essayists.If you want your students to come up with original ideas that will be of interest to their class, you should use essay topics for college students. You can use the topic for your own class or for a different class altogether. Whether the class is for high school students or college students, you can still benefit from the idea of writing about topics for college students.

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The Attack on Pearl Harbor - Free Essay Example

The 7th of December marked the day that President Franklin Roosevelt described as the date which will live in infamy, the Japanese attacked the U.S naval base in Hawaii Pearl Harbor without warning. The devastating assault resulted in many American casualties that turned the citizens of America furious and that was reflected in the presidents declaration of war against Japan. The unforgettable day in 1941 in which Pearl Harbor was attacked affected the countrys participation in the second World War, and the patriotic spirit of every American. The merciless Japenese military attacked and bombed the great base in Hawaii known as Pearl Harbor exactly 77 years ago on the 7th of December in 1941. Pearl Harbor was Americas Gibraltar of the Pacific, the acting home port for the Pacific fleet (Parrish). The Japanese target, Pearl Harbor was thought to be an impregnable fort capable of withstanding any and all attacks that could be made against it. Pearl Harbor was made to be the stronghold of the United States, a title that intrigued many nations that were opposed to the U.S, but was only a target to the Japanese. The Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, killing thousands and wreaking havoc across the United States naval and air fleets (Depression). The attack was unforeseeable and America was not prepared to defend itself against the flurry of Japanese fighter planes. Casualties were over 2,400 American deaths with more than 1,100 wounded, alongside 23 ships and other water vessels that were damaged or sunk and around 188 destroyed Japanese aircrafts. The nation was filled with hatred as the news of Pearl Harbor came, and as President Roosevlt called it a date which will live in infamy (Depression). Ever since, The United States has continued to honor the fallen warriors of this merciless attack that impacted everyone living in the country from children to elderly. Japans allies, Germany and Italy, declared war on The States, the next day after the attack and americans shouted Remember Pearl Harbor as they fought on in World War Two, leaving the past behind and uniting together as one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all (Parrish). After the attack, President Franklin Roosevelt received the Congress approval to join the war. America tried to maintain a stance of neutrality and only committed to supplying Allied forces, but when the Japanese bombs hit, an unwanted beast, furious and lusting for revenge was awakened. The declaration passed with only a single dissenting vote (America). Most citizens lusted for revenge and felt its necessity, and support of the nation going to war was widespread across the country. I dont think it was American weakness that put us in World War Two; duplicity by the japanese is what put us into the Pacific War (Shirley qtd. In Morella). The United States joining the war was to express its might and power, but the Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor was the only one capable of conquering Japans Navy (A Brief). In 1941, Japan had the military power of about 2.4 million trained soldiers and the U.S military stood at only 1.5 million fighters and only one third of them were trained. The U.S h ad only 1,157 planes in its air fleet and only 347 warships in its Navy while the Japanese air fleet consisted of about 7,500 planes, thus, President Franklin Roosevelt decided not to immediately retaliate against Japan. And he used the majority of his forces to fight Germany (US Goes). That decision came about for many reasons, Germany was an advanced nation, which was threatening to the U.S, and Britain, one of Americas closest allies was fighting against germany (US Goes). So it was the most sensible decision and thus, the country joined the war with a sanguine head on their shoulders. And in 1942, U.S planes stopped the japanese advance on Australia at the Battle of Coral Sea (Feldmeth). The citizens were ravenous after revenge on those who have wronged them, and any advancement was gargantuan to them. America was a huge aid to the allied forces in many successful battles against the axis powers. America put out everything in this war and it paid off. Because of the involvement in the war and the attack on Pearl Harbor, Americans showed the patriotism they have always been known for as they volunteered to defend their cherished country from bombings and invasions. They trained in aircraft spotting, bomb removal, first-aid and firefighting (America). And those were only a few of the many actions, citizens took in order to keep their beloved country safe throughout the war. Civilians rationed sugar so that the army could have chocolate bars, a standard K ration (America). The K ration was first supplied in World War II and at the time chocolate bars fit the needs of the military due to their portability and nutritional value. But many other citizens felt that supplying sugar so that more chocolate bars would be made for the troops was not enough so they themselves joined the service. And as more men and women were sworn into the military, more flags were raised in front of homes and businesses, more motivational and patriotic quotes and mottos appeared in ne wspapers and magazines. For that it was of high importance to keep the nations spirits up in those troubling times. The production which has flowed from the country to all the battlefronts of the world has been due to the efforts of American business, American labor, and American farmers, working together as a patriotic team (President Roosevelt qtd. In America). Patriotism needed to rise because the nation was in such an economic depression, providing Americans a reason to support their country. One man recalled this infamous day, saying, I was in Scouts, and much of our scout-time was spent on war projectsbuilding things, planting gardens, collecting scrap iron, studying first-aid, identifying Jap and Kraut airplanes and ships (Norris). Including children who had to mature quickly to help their fellow citizens who were being shipped off to war. Patriotism united Americans together in a bond like no other across the entire country, and thats how america left a lasting impact on th e world. The date which will live in infamy is December 7th, 1941 commemrated by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when the Japanese unleashed a merciless attack against Pearl Harbor. This unforgettable day was when citizens came united and patriotism exploded, it was during the war that the country wanted to avoid but turned ravenous for retribution after the Japanese attack, and it will be remembered as the date which will live in infamy for eons to come. Works Cited America Goes to War. The National WWII Museum. National WWII Museum, n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2014. . A Brief History of the U.S. Army on World War Two. U.S. Army Center of Military History. United States Army, n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2014. . Depression and WWII. Americas Story from Americas Library. Lib. of Cong., n.d. Web. 27 Feb. 2014. . Feldmeth, Greg D. American Involvement in World War II. U.S. History Resources. N.p., 31 Mar. 1998. Web. 27 Feb. 2014. . Norris, Don. After Pearl, Patriotism Flourished. Remembering World War II: n. pag. The Melrose Mirror. Web. 24 Feb. 2014. . Parrish, Ann. Pearl Harbor. Our States: Geographic Treasures(2011): 1. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 3 Mar. 2014. US Goes to War After Pearl Harbor, but Japan Is Not the First Target. Learning English. VOA, 27 Feb. 2014. Web. 26 Feb. 2014. .

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Biography of Ernesto Che Guevara, Revolutionary Leader

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna (June 14, 1928–October 9, 1967) was an Argentine physician and revolutionary who played a key role in the Cuban Revolution. He also served in the government of Cuba after the communist takeover before leaving Cuba to try to stir up rebellions in Africa and South America. He was captured and executed by Bolivian security forces in 1967. Today, he is considered by many to be a symbol of rebellion and idealism, while others see him as a murderer. Fast Facts: Ernesto Guevara de la Serna Known For: Key figure in the Cuban RevolutionAlso Known As: CheBorn: June 14, 1928 in Rosario,  Santa Fe province,  ArgentinaParents: Ernesto Guevara Lynch, Celia de la Serna y LlosaDied: October 9, 1967  in La Higuera,  Vallegrande,  BoliviaEducation: University of Buenos AiresPublished Works: The Motorcycle Diaries, Guerrilla Warfare, The African Dream, The Bolivian DiaryAwards and Honors:  Knight Grand Cross of the  Order of the Southern CrossSpouse(s): Hilda Gadea, Aleida March  Children: Hilda, Aleida, Camilo, Celia, ErnestoNotable Quote: If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine. Early Life Ernesto was born into a middle-class family in Rosario, Argentina. His family was somewhat aristocratic and could trace their lineage to the early days of Argentine settlement. The family moved around a great deal while Ernesto was young. He developed severe asthma early in life; the attacks were so bad that witnesses were occasionally scared for his life. He was determined to overcome his ailment, however, and was very active in his youth, playing rugby, swimming, and doing other physical activities. He also received an excellent education. Medicine In 1947, Ernesto moved to Buenos Aires to care for his elderly grandmother. She died shortly thereafter and he began medical school. Some believe he was driven to study medicine because of his inability to save his grandmother. He was a believer in the idea that a patients state of mind is as important as the medicine he or she is given. He remained very close to his mother and stayed fit through exercise, although his asthma continued to plague him. He decided to take a vacation and put his studies on hold. The Motorcycle Diaries At the end of 1951, Ernesto set off with his good friend Alberto Granado on a trip north through South America. For the first part of the trip, they had a Norton motorcycle, but it was in poor repair and had to be abandoned in Santiago. They traveled through Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela, where they parted ways. Ernesto continued to Miami and returned to Argentina from there. Ernesto kept notes during his trip, which he subsequently made into a book, The Motorcycle Diaries, which was made into an award-winning movie in 2004. The trip showed him the poverty and misery all throughout Latin America and he wanted to do something about it, even if he did not know what. Guatemala Ernesto returned to Argentina in 1953 and finished medical school. He left again almost immediately, however, heading up the western Andes and traveling through Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia before reaching Central America. He eventually settled for a while in Guatemala, at the time experimenting with significant land reform under President Jacobo Arbenz. It was about this time that he acquired his nickname Che, an Argentine expression meaning (more or less) hey there. When the CIA overthrew Arbenz, Che tried to join a brigade and fight, but it was over too quickly. Che took refuge in the Argentine Embassy before securing safe passage to Mexico. Mexico and Fidel In Mexico, Che met and befriended Raà ºl Castro, one of the leaders in the assault on the Moncada Barracks in Cuba in 1953. Raà ºl soon introduced his new friend to his brother Fidel, leader of the 26th of July movement which sought to remove Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista from power. Che had been looking for a way to strike a blow against the imperialism of the United States that he had seen firsthand in Guatemala and elsewhere in Latin America; he eagerly signed on for the revolution, and Fidel was delighted to have a doctor. At this time, Che also became close friends with fellow revolutionary Camilo Cienfuegos. Transition to Cuba Che was one of 82 men who piled onto the yacht Granma in November 1956. The Granma, designed for only 12 passengers and loaded with supplies, gas, and weapons, barely made it to Cuba, arriving on December 2. Che and the others made for the mountains but were tracked down and attacked by security forces. Fewer than 20 of the original Granma soldiers made it into the mountains; the two Castros, Che, and Camilo were among them. Che had been wounded, shot during the skirmish. In the mountains, they settled in for a long guerrilla war, attacking government posts, releasing propaganda, and attracting new recruits. Che in the Revolution Che was an important player in the  Cuban Revolution, perhaps second only to Fidel Castro himself. Che was clever, dedicated, determined, and tough, though his asthma was a constant torture for him. He was promoted to  comandante  and given his own command. He saw to their training himself and indoctrinated his soldiers with communist beliefs. He was organized and demanded discipline and hard work from his men. He occasionally allowed foreign journalists to visit his camps and write about the revolution. Ches column was very active, participating in several engagements with the Cuban army in 1957 and 1958. Batistas Offensive In the summer of 1958, Batista sent large forces of soldiers into the mountains, seeking to round up and destroy the rebels once and for all. This strategy was a huge mistake and backfired badly. The rebels knew the mountains well and ran circles around the army. Many of the soldiers, demoralized, deserted or even switched sides. At the end of 1958, Castro decided it was time for the knockout punch. He sent three columns, one of which was Ches, into the heart of the country. Santa Clara Che was assigned to capture the strategic city of Santa Clara. On paper, it looked like suicide. There were some 2,500 federal troops there, with tanks and fortifications. Che himself only had roughly 300 ragged men, poorly armed and hungry. Morale was low among the Cuban soldiers, however, and the populace of Santa Clara mostly supported the rebels. Che arrived on December 28 and the fighting began. By December 31, the rebels controlled the police headquarters and the city but not the fortified barracks. The soldiers inside refused to fight or come out, and when Batista heard of Ches victory he decided the time had come to leave.  Santa Clara was the largest single battle of the Cuban Revolution  and the last straw for Batista. After the Revolution Che and the other rebels rode into Havana in triumph and began setting up a new government. Che, who had ordered the execution of several traitors during his days in the mountains, was assigned (along with Raà ºl) to round up, bring to trial, and execute former Batista officials. Che organized hundreds of trials of Batista cronies, most of them in the army or police forces. Most of these trials ended in a conviction and execution. The international community was outraged, but Che didnt care: he was a true believer in the Revolution and in communism. He felt that an example needed to be made of those who had supported tyranny. Government Posts As one of the few men truly trusted by  Fidel Castro, Che was kept very busy in post-Revolution Cuba. He was made the head of the Ministry of Industry and head of the Cuban Bank. Che was restless, however, and he took long trips abroad as a sort of ambassador of the revolution to improve Cubas international standing. During Ches time in governmental office, he oversaw the conversion of much of Cubas economy to communism. He was instrumental in cultivating the relationship between the  Soviet Union  and Cuba and had played a part in trying to bring Soviet missiles to Cuba. This, of course, was a major factor in the  Cuban Missile Crisis. Chà © the Revolutionary In 1965, Che decided he was not meant to be a government worker, even one in a high post. His calling was revolution, and he would go and spread it around the world. He disappeared from public life (leading to incorrect rumors about a strained relationship with Fidel) and began plans for bringing about revolutions in other nations. The communists believed that Africa was the weak link in the western capitalist/imperialist stranglehold on the world, so Che decided to head to the Congo to support a revolution there led by Laurent Dà ©sirà © Kabila. Congo When Che had left, Fidel read a letter to all of Cuba in which Che declared his intention to spread revolution, fighting imperialism wherever he could find it. Despite Ches revolutionary credentials and idealism, the Congo venture was a total fiasco. Kabila proved unreliable, Che and the other Cubans failed to duplicate the conditions of the Cuban Revolution, and a massive mercenary force led by South African Mad Mike Hoare was sent to root them out. Che wanted to remain and die fighting as a martyr, but his Cuban companions convinced him to escape. All in all, Che was in Congo for about nine months and he considered it one of his greatest failures. Bolivia Back in Cuba, Che wanted to try again for another communist revolution, this time in Argentina. Fidel and the others convinced him that he was more likely to succeed in Bolivia. Che went to Bolivia in 1966. From the start, this effort was also a fiasco. Che and the 50 or so Cubans who accompanied him were supposed to get support from clandestine communists in Bolivia, but they proved unreliable and possibly were the ones who betrayed him. He was also up against the CIA, which was in Bolivia training Bolivian officers in counterinsurgency techniques. It wasnt long before the CIA knew Che was in the country and began monitoring his communications. The End Che and his ragged band scored some early victories against the Bolivian army in mid-1967. In August, his men were caught by surprise and one-third of his force was wiped out in a firefight; by October, he was down to only about 20 men and had little in the way of food or supplies. By now, the Bolivian government had posted a $4,000 reward for information leading to Che. That was a lot of money in those days in rural Bolivia. By the first week of October, Bolivian security forces were closing in on Che and his rebels. Death On October 7, Che and his men stopped to rest in the Yuro ravine. Local peasants alerted the army, who moved in. A firefight broke out, killing some rebels, and Che himself was injured in the leg. On October 8, he was captured alive, allegedly shouting out to his captors I am Che Guevara and worth more to you alive than dead. The army and CIA officers interrogated him that night, but he did not have much information to give out. With his capture, the rebel movement he headed was essentially over. On October 9, the order was given, and Che was executed, shot by Sergeant Mario Terà ¡n of the Bolivian Army. Legacy Che Guevara had a huge impact on his world, not only as a major player in the Cuban Revolution but also afterward, when he tried to export the revolution to other nations. He achieved the martyrdom that he so desired, and in doing so he became a larger-than-life figure. Che is one of the most controversial figures of the 20th century. Many revere him, especially in Cuba, where his face is on the 3-peso note and every day schoolchildren vow to be like Che as part of a daily chant. Around the world, people wear t-shirts with his image on them, usually portraying a famous photo taken of Che in Cuba by photographer Alberto Korda (more than one person has noted the irony of hundreds of capitalists making money selling a famous image of a communist). His fans believe that he stood for freedom from imperialism, idealism, and a love for the common man and that he died for his beliefs. Many despise Che, however. They see him as a murderer for his time presiding over the execution of Batista supporters, criticize him as the representative of a failed communist ideology and deplore his handling of the Cuban economy. Around the world, people love or hate Che Guevara. Either way, they will not soon forget him. Sources Castaà ±eda, Jorge C.  Compaà ±ero: the Life and Death of Che Guevara. 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